We have set up a separate 5% Discount Code as a member benefit. Note that WPS now also gets a 5% rebate from Action PPE.


Your discount code is: dcpsych-save5

Other important announcements:

  • PRICE REDUCTIONS – with our latest PPE shipment we’ve again been able to lower our prices another 5-25%. The new lower pricing has been applied for Association eCommerce sites.
  •  NEW MINIMUM ORDER – to keep efficiency in our shipping and supply chain, we are setting a minimum purchase amount of $250 per order beginning Aug 25. This is a reduction from our original $500 order minimum when we started, but a change from our current 1 box minimum today. Thank you for your understanding.
  • QUALITY MESSAGE - See our updated messaging about FDA registration and test results at: https://support.actionppe.org/faqs/quality-message
  • UPDATED PACKAGING – We are now shipping updated packaging for our KN95 masks which include the FDA Owner/Operator registration and other specific language on the boxes.
  • NEW PRODUCTS – We will be launching Gloves and Hand Sanitizer this week!
  • SUPPORT PORTAL – See our new Support Portal at https://support.actionppe.org/.

100% of your and customer questions should now be routed through our support

Email [email protected] for fastest service :)