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PRMS is excited to announce our next virtual event, PRMS Psych-cess: Forensic Psychiatry.  Psych-cess will take place via Zoom on Thursday, November 4, 6:30-7:30 pm ET. Hear from forensic psychiatrist, Liza Gold, MD, as she leads a discussion sharing more about the specialty and how she chose to make it her career and reached her current roles. Registration is FREE! 


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Past Events

George Floyd, COVID-19 and America's Conscience
African-American communities nationwide have suffered from institutional racism, lack of access to equitable care, and physical and mental public lynching for 400 years. They are now confronted with three contiguous crises: 1) the opioid epidemic; 2) the COVID-19 pandemic; and 3) the George Floyd incident. Eliot Sorel, MD spoke at this event.