2019-2020 WPS Leadership

The Board is composed of elected and appointed members and five officers — the president, president-elect, past-president, treasurer, and secretary. The board is responsible for the association’s policies and direction of the organization.

Elected Officers

Farooq Mohyuddin, MD, FAPA, President


Steven Israel, MD, FAPA - President-Elect


Philip Candilis, MD, DFAPA, Immediate Past President


Anne Marie Dietrich, MD, FAPA, Secretary


Walter Bland, MD, LFAPA, Treasurer



Elected Board Members
APA Assembly Delegate - Constance E. Dunlap, MD, DFAPA
APA Assembly Delegate - Cristina Secarea, MD, FAPA
APA Assembly Delegate - Joseph Collins, Jr., DO, FAPA

APA Area 3 Deputy RFM  Representative - Mani Yavi, MD

At-Large Representative - Seth Rosenblatt, MD
At-Large Representative - Navneet Sidhu, MD

Early Career Psychiatrist Representative - Colby Tyson, MD
Early Career Psychiatrist Representative - Meghan Schott, DO, FAPA

Resident Fellow Member Representative - Ike Iloka, MD
Resident Fellow Member Representative - John Fatollahi, MD

Chapter Representative Board Members
DC Chapter President - Lorenzo Norris, MD
Maryland Chapter President - Cynthia Turner-Graham, MD
Virginia Chapter President - Todd Augustus, MD, FAPA