2020-2021 WPS Leadership

The Board is composed of elected and appointed members and five officers — the president, president-elect, past-president, treasurer, and secretary. The board is responsible for the association’s policies and direction of the organization.

Elected Officers

Farooq Mohyuddin, MD, FAPA, President


Steven Israel, MD, FAPA - President-Elect

Philip Candilis, MD, DFAPA, Immediate Past President


Anne Marie Dietrich, MD, FAPA, Secretary


Walter Bland, MD, LFAPA, Treasurer


Elected Board Members
APA Assembly Delegate - Constance E. Dunlap, MD, DFAPA
APA Assembly Delegate - Cristina Secarea, MD, FAPA
APA Assembly Delegate - Joseph Collins, Jr., DO, FAPA

APA Area 3 Deputy RFM  Representative - Mani Yavi, MD

At-Large Representative - Seth Rosenblatt, MD
At-Large Representative - Navneet Sidhu, MD

Early Career Psychiatrist Representative - Colby Tyson, MD
Early Career Psychiatrist Representative - Meghan Schott, DO, FAPA

Resident Fellow Member Representative - Ike Iloka, MD
Resident Fellow Member Representative - John Fatollahi, MD

Chapter Representative Board Members
DC Chapter President - Lorenzo Norris, MD
Maryland Chapter President - Cynthia Turner-Graham, MD
Virginia Chapter President - Todd Augustus, MD, FAPA

WPS Committee Chairs

Janice Hutchinson, MD, DLFAPA

CLM (Careers, Leadership, Mentorship)
Esther Bilenkis, DO
Mani Yavi, MD

CME (Education)
Matt Rudorfer, MD, LFAPA

Lorenzo Norris, MD

Todd Cox, MD, DFAPA

Steven Israel, MD, FAPA

Ramia Gupta, MD, FAPA

Naveet Sidhu, MD